Who is Mokosozo?

Modern Art.
“I could do that”…
Yeah but you didn’t.

A statement I stumbled across many years ago and I remember vividly like it was yesterday how god damn true it is especially in the world where my art is created with a computer, hence digital. I live by this statement on a daily basis and it encourages me to continually push the boundaries of not only what is acceptable, but provide silence to the dreamers and wannabes that will never decide to challenge themselves.

Before the birth of what you see before your very eyes, extensive market research was done in today's thriving and cut throat art world. Focusing on digital artist markets (graphic designers, illustrators, etc) there was very little that actually created their art via a computer then printed to canvas. It was taboo and in some instances, frowned upon. 'How could you call yourself an artist if you don't use paint and a brush?', 'You use a computer, your'e not an artist!' were some of the negative results of my deep market dive. I was not deterred, it forced me to continue my purist so phone calls were made, the internet was searched beyond belief along with the sending of countless cold emails to discover IF and COULD there be an opportunity for the newest digital artist on the block to make a stand and launch his unique and creative works for the entire world to see. After outstanding positive responses from believers who are now collectors, Mokosozo was born.

I often get asked, how do I define ART? Put simply; Art is the emotions generated through subject, colour and tone that create a harmonious balance that ultimately conclude with upmost appreciation of the what the eyes see.