Why you should purchase digital art.

When referring to digital art, we tend to think of graphic designers or photographic manipulation. The term digital artist spans a variety of art techniques, from 3-D animation to pieces that resemble the finest brush strokes. In every sense of the word, art takes many forms over a broad spectrum. Whether inspired by landscapes, portraits, or textures and colours, the creation of art is a result of the talent of the artist and the message delivered in a form of his or her artistic medium. Digital art is a form of such artistic expression that uses digital technology as a part of the creation of the piece. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider purchasing a piece of digitally created art.

1. More Tangible

There is a common misconception that digital art is only a part of a digitised medium.

2. Sharing Art in a Broader Context

Digital art is often much more approachable, familiar, and accessible than traditional art

3. Widely Available

Because the production process of digital art is completely digitised, it can be more practical to access than traditional art. 

4. Non-Digital and Digital Similarities

If you are very interested in traditional art forms, yet skeptical about digital art, it may surprise you to learn that digital artists can replicate a variety of traditional artistic styles. 

5. Buzz

Generating interest in digital art expands beyond a brush stroke, intense shadowing, or a unique format.

6. Combination of Techniques

Although traditional art is prepared in a more physical medium, digital art incorporates some of the same techniques during the
digitised process.

7. Constantly Evolving

Generating art in a complex technological environment joins both the science of computers and fine art techniques. 

8. Digital Art Appreciation

While some digital art may closely resemble traditional pieces, there are other pieces that are unabashedly digital and impossible to create with a paint brush.

9. Combination of Digital Media

With just as much range as traditional art, digital art can include photography, vectors, mixed media, fractal art, digital painting, and pixel art. 

10. Price

Digital art is often priced more reasonably that traditional art. As with any type of art, original pieces of digital art are sold at a higher price; however, their medium makes it easily accessible.


People are surrounded by digital art from computer graphics to green screen effects in film. How you categorise and appreciate the various forms of art can begin with starting your own Mokosozo collection. Your connection to an art piece will help you to explain its significance to new admirers who may be unfamiliar with the digital art world.